2024 Clearfield County Fair Talent Show

NEW THIS YEAR: The Clearfield County Fair, in partnership with the Clearfield County Fair Queens Program, will be hosting a Talent Show on Sunday, July 14th at 1:00 pm on the Litz Grove Stage. Follow the link to the entry form.



ACCOMPANIMENT: The fair will provide audio connection. Vocalists may use recorded accompaniment, provided it

contains instrumental accompaniment only. Absolutely no back-up vocals are allowed on vocal performance accompaniment. The contestant is responsible for the quality and reliability of any audio. The fair will also provide a microphone. No full band equipment. If you choose to bring a guitar, you must bring your own amp. If you have your own music, please put it on a flash drive.

TIME LIMIT: The time limit is four minutes and is strictly enforced. Judges will be told to deduct from final scores for those that go over the limit.

JUDGING: Judges will assess talent based on stage presence (use of stage/microphone, eye contact, etc.), quality of performance (talent), choice of selection (did the selection fit the contestant's ability to perform, was it appropriate for the performer, venue, audience), and entertainment value (was the audience entertained, did they enjoy the act, etc.). Judges' decisions are final. Scores are not released to the contestants or the public. No vulgar language will be tolerated. This will result in immediate removal from the contest. Please keep in mind that the Clearfield County Fair is a family fair. Participants are encouraged to choose an act that is age appropriate in regard to content and costuming. The Talent show Coordinator and/or the Clearfield Fair Board reserves the right to stop any act that is deemed inappropriate. No animal or pyrotechnic acts are permitted.

CHECK-IN MEETING: All acts are required to check-in at the Fair Office before 12:30. Contestants who are using audio will need to bring it with at that time. Please have someone with you and available to direct Sound Technician with your audio. Due to other activities, we will likely only have time for a quick sound check between the meeting and the show.

PRIZES: Winners in the Open Division, Teen Division, and Pre-Teen Division will each receive:

1st $100.00

2nd $75.00

3rd $50.00

If you place in your category, please stay near the stage after the show to have your photo taken, receive your prize(s).

SOUND SYSTEM: All contestants are required to use the sound system provided; we will supply cordless or hardwired microphones. Sound technician will be present throughout the show.

STAGE: Contestants will perform on the LITZ GROVE STAGE. Contestants are encouraged to come in costume, since changing facilities are limited.

ADMISSION/PARKING: All contestants will receive one free parking pass and 2 gate admission passes to enter the fair. Those transporting items need to make prior arrangements with the fair board. Please use the Expo II parking area.